Women leading women and making a difference in our community


Executive Women International® is a global woman's organization with an equal focus on Connections, Careers and Community. 




Connections are more than networks. Its being part of an organization that adds real value to your life, through the relationships you make, business contacts you sustain, and the work that you do to better the communities in which you live.

Our annual conferences, monthly meetings, online career workshops, and ongoing community service events are all powerful means to develop connections that will extend far into the future.

EWI fosters a sense of connection among its member firms and representatives that is difficult to replicate. Our members say that feeling a part of the organization is one of the biggest emotional benefits of the organization.




EWI enhances the careers of our members by providing opportunities to build relationships and enhance professional skills. Being the representative of a member firm in EWI means constantly interacting with some of the top members of some of our local organizations and the ability to reach out to member firms around the world.

The added benefit of annual conferences, teleseminars, and regular monthly meetings put on at the local level means that representatives receive ready, relevant career development and exposure. Each guest speaker at our monthly meetings and teleseminars focuses on essential leadership, communication, and professional skills.

Our member firms, in turn, are strengthened by those member representatives who receive career training in conjunction with excellent networking opportunities and are able to bring new skills into the workplace.



What we consider our community is everywhere that we interact, do business, live and connect. As a professional organization, we recognize the importance of giving back to the community by supporting education and literacy. EWI helps individuals within the community realize their potential by empowering them with the skills necessary to improve their lives and professional opportunities.

The ability to read is a powerful tool and essential to the future success of today’s youth. Over the years, EWI’s Literacy events have promoted literacy in thousands of communities across the nation. These events enrich the lives of each person and child involved by forging friendships and making a difference.

EWI understands that education opens the door to opportunity.  Worldwide, EWI funds and awards hundreds of scholarships each year to support students who invest in their future through education. Scholarships are open to high school students as well as adults in a transitional period in their life such as single parents or displaced workers.


Join us! We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at various  locations in Calgary, with amazing speakers/presentations booked for each meeting.  Guests are always welcome at our meetings.  Please visit our Monthly Meetings tab for the upcoming schedule and to review some of our past events and speakers. 



For further information about EWI Calgary, please contact us at membership@ewicalgary.com

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